Fatherhood & Mentoring



The CFLC Mentoring program has been mentoring youth in three local schools IS49, Eagle Academy and PS 78 since 2015. As a result of our mentoring program students have increased their engagement in school resulting in improvement in their grades, which has been reported by both parents and teachers. The mentors of this program also serve as role model for all of young people in the program assisting them in developing better social skills.  This mentoring program serves as protective factor in a community where many young people are at risk of the social ills of society. 


Fatherhood Mentoring

The Fatherhood program at CFLC is currently helping Fathers to improve their parenting skills by attending weekly meetings and monthly workshop. The Fatherhood program allows for a safe place for Fathers to meet and discuss issues such, as Child Support, Marriage, interpersonal relationships and coping skills.  We have also sponsored serval Job Fairs to assist unemployed Dads in an effort to obtain employment. The presence and involvement of a father in the lives of their children helps to reduce: juvenile delinquency; drug usage; school drop-out rate and teen-age pregnancy as well. Fathers can help cultivate a child’s physical and emotional health and social development regardless if they are in the home or outside of the home.

 The CFLC fatherhood Program will continue to mobilize and unite the fathers particularly but not exclusively fathers who are in need of services, through community events, workshops, one on one

mentoring and coaching.  The ultimate goal of the program is to unite families back together by engaging the father into the families especially into the lives of their children.


Funding Sources 

NYC DYCD (Department of Youth & Community Development)